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Part Number Mfg. Part Number Price Availability Quantity
DS06262 06262 CAD167.27 BX In Stock    Add to Cart
Reagent Grade Alcohol
  • 99.5% Reagent Grade Alcohol for Respirator Fit tester, 12 x 60ml bottles/box.
  • Box of 12 X 60 ml Disposable Bottles.
DS99009 99009 CAD65.00 BO In Stock    Add to Cart
Salt Tablets
  • Salt Tablets (Sodium Chloride), 100 Tablets per Bottle, 100mg, for use with Ultrasonic Particle Generator.
  • 100 Tablets/Bottle
IAT9000 AT9000 CAD12,650.00 KT In Stock    Add to Cart
Accufit 9000 Quantitative Respirator Fit Tester
  • Conducts Quantitative Respirator Fit Tests on Disposable N95 and Elasteromeric Respirators.  Includes AC Adapter, Reagent Grade Alcohol, Twin Tube, Hepa Filter, Software, USB Computer Cable, Manual, and Carry Case
  • Available accessories include IBNAC7146 Particle Generator (SOLD Separately) and DS99009 Salt Tablets (SOLD Separately)
IATAP100 TAP100 CAD401.51 EA In Stock    Add to Cart


  • Probe Insertion Tool, Accupunch, for inserting probes into disposable respirators for Quantitative Fit Testing, Accutec. Requires probes & pushnuts.
  • Suitable for use with:
  • Disposable Respirators, Reusable Respirators
  • IFL500PUSHNUT probe Kit
  • Portacount, Accufit 9000, Sibata MT-05C

IBNAC7146 7146 CAD72.09 EA In Stock    Add to Cart
Ultrasonic Particle Generator
  • Ultrasonic Particle Generator for Use With Quantitative Respirator Fit Test Systems.  Includes AC Adapter and Carry Pouch.
IFL500PUSHNUT Rivet/PushNut Washer CAD171.62 PK In Stock    Add to Cart
Fit Testing Probes
  • Probe kits for Fit Testing filtering facepiece (N95) respirators.  Includes 500 probes and pushnuts. 
  • 500 Push Nut Washers and 500 Probes
IFLUFSHSK-5FT UFS-HSK-5FT CAD35.82 EA In Stock    Add to Cart
Fit Test Twin Tube
  • Twin Tubing, PVC, Clear & Blue, for use with Quantitative Respirator Fit Testers, 5 ft.
IIDCHPVC ID-CHPVC CAD17.17 PK Out of Stock    Add to Cart
Card Printer Cards
  • PVC Cards, Blank, for SMART Card Printer, 100 Cards / package.
IISMART51RBN IDP-659367 CAD33.71 EA Out of Stock    Add to Cart
Card Printer Ribbon
  • Replacement Printer Ribbon, Black, for SMART 51S Card Printer, 1200 Prints.
IISMART51S IDP-651398K CAD2,429.08 EA Out of Stock    Add to Cart
Card Printer
  • Card Printer Kit, SMART 51S, Includes Printer, One Black RFID Ribbon, 100 PVC cards, and Smartcare warranty package.
  • Used with Respirator Fit Testers to print Fit Test Cards
Showing 1 - 10 of 36 Results
Page: 1 2 3 4 

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